About the EFT Resource

Welcome to the Equine Facilitated Therapy Resource. This website provides you with a wealth of information, video clips, directory and links explaining everything you need to know about Equine Facilitated Therapy. Browse through the site to find information from leading international practitioners, watch our documentary or search the database to find an organisation that can help you.

  • EFT Resource History

    The resource began life after White Lantern Film Education CIC managed a series of digital training workshops at The Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy (FCRT) for students throughout 2008 - 2010. From these workshops, and the time spent at the FCRT working with students and staff, the concept of a resource was explored and developed with the main objective ‘to improve communities and the lives of people with learning disabilities’.

    The concept of the resource was to capture this unique therapy and create a DVD, web site and literature. The project uses real life experiences, uniting people with and without learning disabilities to create a comprehensive resource which will challenge negative stereotypes, improve lives and enable people with learning disabilities to live better within their communities.

  • The Need for the Project

    Recent government research illustrated a need to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities. The project was developed to meet these needs identified by key government reports relating to people with learning disabilities and communities.

    Valuing People was a three year UK strategy aiming to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities. The four key principles are Rights, Independence, Choice, and Inclusion. These principles are at the heart of the government’s proposals and at the heart of the EFT Resource project.

    Rights: The rights of people with learning disabilities are vigorously enforced and infused, often indirectly, through tutoring to empower the individual with knowledge and self awareness. The project empowered individuals by providing access to an educational resource which encourages beneficiaries to gain skills to improve community cohesion through the assertion of their rights.

    Independence: At the heart of EFT is the principle of independent living. There are clear goals along a tried and tested track that are designed to give those living with learning disabilities the skills necessary to take full advantage of independence in its many forms, be it independence in living or independence of choice. The project encouraged beneficiaries to live independently by improving their life skills and provide new shared knowledge for families and communities.

    Choice: People living with learning disabilities in England will be looked after with decisions made for them by others, in some cases for life. Feedback from a poll conducted by National Statistics & NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre (2004) found that over half of people with learning disabilities say someone else decides how much money they can spend each week. EFT supports self confidence, self awareness and independence, three essential ingredients that affect individual choice. The project built on this knowledge to enhance choice by providing training during the content creation to improve life skills.

    Inclusion: There are no social barriers, no judgemental condescension or bias when dealing with a horse. The opportunity to be judged simply on actions is an incredibly powerful and rewarding prospect for someone that has known nothing but judgement at face value. The project highlights how community cohesion can be improved through EFT by applying fresh knowledge to other situations and activities.

  • White Lantern Film Education CIC

    We think media is for everyone and we want to encourage as wide an audience as possible to get involved with, learn about, and use digital media to capture and present the stories around them. Based in the UK, the organisation has years of experience managing projects and activities using the latest technology to improve the lives of individuals and communities. Funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund, White Lantern Film Education CIC manages the EFT Resource. For more organisational informaiton or to contact the team please visit www.wlf-ed.org or email info@wlf-ed.org.  Please click here for information on the contributors to the project.

Meet the Team

  • Adam J Merrifield, Project Manager & Managing Director

    Adam J Merrifield established White Lantern Film Education CIC after producing a range of documentaries, entertainment programmes, and shorts for local, regional and national television. As the company's Managing Director, Adam has grown White Lantern Film Education CIC into a diverse business working with people of all ages using digital media to engage and inspire people to develop and grow both individually and as communities.

  • Rob Sharp, Project Coordinator & Researcher

    Robert Sharp finished a Journalism and Digital Video Production degree in London, and joined the White Lantern film Education team in as a researcher in 2008. Robert managed the development and production of the EFT Resource until he left the company in December 2011.  His contribution included filming interviews, managing workshops, scripting content and coordinating activities.

  • Steven Lake, Camera Operator & Digital Media Editor

    Steven has a background in NGO-funded factual programming covering a range of social issues over the past 4 years.  A graduate from the Arts University College Bournemouth (UK), Steven received critical acclaim for his short film AND EVERYTHING BEFORE, a controversial experiment on 16mm film featuring death and decay. Steven continues to show a considered and provoking thirst for matters of fairness, morality and humankind.  Using his experience and knowledge, Steven has helped shape the EFT Resource, managed a digital media training programme with young people and film part of the video.